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Introducing ProKure, the most effective tool for odor, mold and
pathogen control on the market today.

How’s it different? It’s chlorine dioxide – a powerful and safe solution in use for over a century, but only available for large-scale applications…until now.

This breakthrough product eliminates VOC’s and THM’s, leaves no harmful residues and kills pathogens in 30 to 90 seconds flat. And while ProKure’s impact on odor, mold and pathogens is completely unique, its impact on your budget is the same or less than the inferior product you are using right now.

So, why not clean like never before, boost your bottom line and improve the health and safety of your workforce and guests…all while knowing you’re using the cutting-edge compound that’s unmatched in effectiveness?

Take a moment to hear how it’s revolutionized odor and pathogen control for our clients or just give us a call right now to find out how ProKure Solutions can solve all your deodorization and disinfection needs.

ProKure Products

Liquid Disinfectant
and Deodorizer
Mold Mildew Odor Control
Slow Release
Deodorizer Fast Use
10 gram pouch
Liquid Disinfectant
and Deodorizer
Mold Mildew Odor Control
Slow Release
Deodorizer Extended Use
10 gram pouch
Mold Mildew Odor Control
Fast Release
Deodorizer Extended Use
50 gram pouch
ProKure™ Applications

Our experienced and certified team is ready and capable of providing solutions for you and your facility in the strictest of confidence.

Mold Mildew Odor Control
Fast Release
Deodorizer Fast Use
25 gram pouch
32 Oz ProKure™
Spray Bottle
50 Gallon ProKure™
5 Gallon ProKure™
ProKure™ Drum Pump
20 Gallon ProKure™
4 Gallon ProKure™
Back Pack Sprayer
30 Gallon ProKure™

ProKure Benefits – How ProKure Solutions is Revolutionizing Clean

The ProKure Products Advantage
Produces the most effective odor & pathogen control with minimal contact time
Compatible with different hard and soft surfaces – will not harm FF&E
Safe for your staff and guests (No carcinogens or poisonous residuals. No VOCs. No THMS.)
Reduces your facility's overall chemical footprint
Is simple to use and requires minimal storage space to accommodate most facilities' tight janitorial closets


ClO2 Seconds ProKure™
Sodium & Calcium Hypochlorite Minutes - Hours Clorox - 2%/4% Bleach Dispatch
Gluteraldehyde 30 Min - Hours Ucarscan Ucarcide Accel T8
Iodophors Minutes - Hours Dyne-o-might
Ammonium Compounds Minutes - Hours Microban Synergize
D=125, 409, Lysol
Peracetic Acids Minutes Virkon
* “Redefining Chlorine Dioxide Delivery Systems” - Source: Engelhard Corporation


ClO2 Neutral Negligible ProKure™
Sodium & Calcium Hypochlorite Minutes - Hours Corrosive to Iron & Aluminum Clorox - 2%/4% Bleach Dispatch
Sodium & Calcium
Alkaline Corrosive to Iron
& Aluminum
Clorox - 2%/4% Bleach & Dispatch
Gluteraldehyde Neutral Negligible Ucarscan Ucarcide
Accel T8
Iodophors Neutral – Acidic Corrosive to Iron & Stainless Steel Dyne-o-might
Acidic – Neutral Corrosive to Iron,
Copper & Bras
Microban Synergize
D=125, 409, Lysol
Peracetic Acids Acidic Corrosive to Iron Virkon
* “Redefining Chlorine Dioxide Delivery Systems” - Source: Engelhard Corporation

The Technology Behind ProKure

Historically, chlorine dioxide, the deodorizing and disinfecting agent behind the ProKure Line of Products, has been difficult to safely, consistently, and economically produce for small to medium sized applications. It was always relegated for use in large applications, most notably, water treatment facilities, treating the bacteria in drinking water.

With the advent of ProKure’s patented drop and go system, the ProKure Line of Products can easily be shipped and stored, safely handled and prepared for use, and efficiently applied to control a variety of odor, mold, mildew, and bacterial challenges that our customers face in their facilities, with the equipment they own, and in the vehicles they operate or lease.

This technology comes in different patented forms designated to produce consistently, a predetermined amount of chlorine dioxide, in gas or liquid form, based upon its specific end use. See how it works below.

Water diffuses through membrane dissolving chemicals, exchanging between hydrophilic membrane and causing chemical reaction:

5 NaClO2 + 4 H+ → 4 ClO2 + 4 Na+ + NaCl + 2H2O

Chlorine Dioxide ( ClO2 ) then diffuses through gaps in the membrane

The Science Behind ProKure

How Does Chlorine Dioxide Work?

Other cleaners kill bacteria on the cellular level, which takes as much as 7-10 minutes.

Chlorine dioxide kills bacteria by attacking the cell wall — a process that only takes 30-90 seconds.

What is chlorine dioxide? Where is it used? How does it work?

When you hear "chlorine dioxide," you probably think of chlorine, a harsh chemical used in swimming pools. Both chlorine and chlorine dioxide are oxidizing agents, but have little else in common.

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a greenish-yellow gas with a slight “swimming pool” scent. Chlorine dioxide has been recognized for more 100 years for its disinfecting properties and has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for many applications, including the treatment of drinking water.

ClO2 is a rapid and effective sterilant against bacteria, yeasts, molds, and viruses. With minimal contact time, it is highly effective against pathogenic organisms such as Legionella, MRSA, H1N1, E. Coli, and Cryptosporidium to name a few. ClO2 reduces biofilms so bacterial regrowth is significantly impeded.

Chlorine dioxide is globally used as an antimicrobial and as an oxidizing agent in drinking water, poultry process water, swimming pools, and mouthwash preparations. It is used to sanitize fruit and vegetables as well as equipment for food and beverage processing.

Chlorine dioxide is also used to decontaminate animal facilities. It is employed in the health care industries to decontaminate rooms, pass-throughs, isolators and also as a sterilant for product and component sterilization. What's more, as an oxidizing agent, it is extensively used to clean, deodorize, and detoxify a wide variety of materials.

ClO2 special properties make it an ideal choice to meet the challenges of today's environmentally concerned world. Most importantly, chlorine dioxide does not chlorinate organic material, resulting in significant decreases in trihalomethanes (THMs), haloacetic acids (HAAs) and other chlorinated organic compounds. This is particularly important in the primary use for chlorine dioxide, which is water disinfection.

Chlorine dioxide is shown to be an effective disinfectant at concentrations between 0.2 and 0.8 ppm. ClO2 penetrates the cell wall of the micro-organism and disrupts metabolic functions. This is more efficient than other oxidizers that “burn” whatever they come in contact with. This allows lower effective concentrations to be used.

ProKure Solutions’ patented Drop and Go System delivers chlorine dioxide in a safer, faster and more economical way for customers seeking solutions to their deodorization and disinfection challenges.

Control of Odor-causing Compounds
with Prokure Solutions

The ProKure line of products uses chlorine dioxide (ClO2) to control odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew and chemical odors without generating any harmful residuals. Because ClO2 is an oxidizer and physically changes the chemical make-up of odor-causing compounds, these odors will not reoccur, unlike when using an odor masking agent.

ProKure Products eliminate many odors, with the following being the most common to facilitites:

  • Mildew
  • Mold
  • Perspiration
  • "Feet"
  • Smoke
  • Paint & Carpet
  • Human Waste
  • Sewage & Garbage
  • Food-born Odors like Fish & Rotten Eggs

ProKure products can be used in liquid and gas forms to eliminate the most difficult odors, all while sanitizing or disinfecting your environment.


About the Company

ProKure Solutions was founded on an unwavering value-driven desire to engage in work that makes the world a better place. We are committed to creating healthy environments for our clients by providing odor and pathogen control solutions to a wide range of commercial and institutional facilities throughout the United States.

Our mission is to rid the world of odor causing bacteria and harmful pathogens through the safe and effective use of chlorine dioxide technology, effective disinfection protocols, and professional application services. Everyone at ProKure Solutions is committed to exceptional customer service, training, and developing products that make occupied environments fresher, cleaner, and safer.

West Coast Office
5013 E. Washington Street #100
Phoenix, AZ 85034
East Coast Office
650 N. Canon Avenue Bldg. D
Lansdale, PA 19446

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