Prokure for Humanity

Dedicated to those who serve others first.

Improving the Lives of Others

At ProKure Solutions, our mission is to improve the lives of others. We work to meet this mission daily through the sale of our ProKure product line, which helps rid the world of harmful pathogens using chlorine dioxide (ClO2) delivery technology. We don't stop there, however. ProKure also shares its success by providing product at no cost to select groups and organizations that serve others. This includes product donations to support the battle against COVID-19. Read more about our efforts below!

Partners We've Worked With

Disinfectant donated (gallons)

A note from ProKure’s President, Alex Cushman

“ProKure Solutions' mission is - and always has been - to improve the lives of others. Since our founding, we have worked to meet this mission by ridding the world of mold, bacteria and harmful pathogens, all through the use of chlorine dioxide delivery technology.”

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