Why Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine Dioxide, or ClO2,
has a wide variety of uses.


How It Works

Chlorine Dioxide is a cell disruptor. This means, unlike harsh chemicals or poisons, it works by destroying the cell membranes of unwanted pathogens—as opposed to it being ingested and digested to kill. The difference is a chemistry that kills from the “outside in,” which proves effective in preventing pathogens to mutate or build tolerance.

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The History of ClO2


Sir Humphrey Davy, a British chemist, discovers chlorine dioxide (ClO2), a result of potassium chlorate reacting with sulfuric acid. ClO2 will prove to be a chemical powerhouse.


Use of ClO2 begins to grow. A major benefit of ClO2 is that, as a true gas, it expands uniformly to fill the space. However, due to concerns about the logistics of safely transporting the gas, industries wishing to use it decide to simply make it themselves in large quantities and activate it on site.


To mitigate taste and odor problems, ClO2 is introduced into a water treatment plant at Niagara Falls, N.Y. Other municipalities soon do the same. The water not only tastes better and has no unpleasant odor - it's also safer to drink.


Brussels, Belgium, changes from chlorine to ClO2 for drinking water in 1956. The 1950s see widespread use of ClO2 in water treatment plants and swimming pools in the U.S.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registers an aqueous form of ClO2 for use as a sanitizer and disinfectant.

1970s to
early 1980s

The EPA begins recommending using ClO2 instead of chlorine bleach to treat water because ClO2 does not produce any harmful byproducts such as THMs (trihalomethanes). THMs have been linked to cancer.


ClO2 is heavily used in the anthrax outbreaks.


ClO2 is deployed in homes damaged by the flood waters from Hurricane Katrina.


ProKure revolutionizes the way ClO2 is deployed. For the first time, because of ProKure's patented pouch technology, ClO2 can be created at any time, and anywhere there's water. With ProKure, ClO2 can now be safely transported in dry pouches and made in liquid or gas forms on site.


ClO2 meets the Center for Disease Control’s criteria for use against the Ebola virus.

ProKure pouch technology explained

“ProKure harnesses the power of Chlorine Dioxide into ready-to-activate pouches. Using only tap water, our customers are able to easily create ClO2 onsite and as needed, for any sized job. It’s a simple way to deploy an incredibly effective and important chemistry for disinfection, sanitization, and odor control*”

- Dr. Bernie Ph.D. Chief Science Officer, ProKure

*See product label for claims and instructions.